Worth a try! Here are the ideas for fun and educational play dates


Activities with some children and their parents or known as playdate were originally popularized in America. It didn't take long for parents in Indonesia to do it too. Apart from being more exciting because they are done together, this activity can also be educational.

Playdate Activity Ideas are Educational and Fun

Although the point is to play together, play date activities can also be designed with learning elements in mind. Especially early childhood, who generally can learn while playing with the right activities. Here are some of them.

  • Cooking

There are many cooking ideas that don't require a stove or oven. Choose fun cooking activities that the baby and his friends can do with the mothers accompanying them. Children will learn to taste, shape, texture and so on.

  • Exercise

The most exciting playdates activities are held outdoors. You can go swimming on the beach or roller skating in the park. Choose sports that are suitable for the age of the children who will participate. Children who are active and quiet can move and exercise with appropriate support.

  • Nature Ideas

Take a walk in nature, look at the stars or watch birds and other animals. There are many ideas for activities that are fun but still have value knowledge related to nature.

  • Art and Craft

Another idea for playdates is anything to do with art. You can draw and paint together. Can visit a museum, art center or gallery. Making knick-knacks, decorations, paintings are some of the activities that can stimulate children's motor muscles.

  • Literacy

Introduce your love of books and reading habits from an early age. You can hold a storytelling event or create a mini drama. Visiting the library or gathering and listening to stories or watching movies can also be tried.

Those are some fun and educational playdates activities. Insert an educational element so that your activities will be more useful. Apart from having fun, everyone can also get more value from it. Come on, do activities together that are also educational.

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